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It is our responsibility to provide you and your family with the healthiest beef. We know that this can only happen when we farm and ranch in a way that respects our animals and preserves our land for generations to come. These are the certifications that we hold as an example of our efforts to farm and ranch in a sustainable and responsible way.




Our beef is USDA certified organic through Oregon Tilth. We feed our cattle USDA certified organic alfalfa that is grown on our ranch. The regulations and standards of the National Organic Program include:

Never using antibiotics or growth hormones

Never using chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides

Pasturing cattle only on certified organic pasture

Sending our cattle to USDA organic certified facilities for butchering





Animal Walfare Approved

Our ranch is Animal Welfare Approved. For two years running, the AWA standards have been named by the World Society for the Protection of Animals as the “most rigorous and progressive animal care requirements in the nation.” These standards require that:

 The ranch is family owned and operated

 Cows are raised exclusively on pasture or range

 We are not in dual production

 We send our cows to Animal Welfare Approved facilities for butchering





American Grassfed Association

American Grass-fed Association Certified: We are also certified as an American Grassfed Association Producer. All of our beef is feed exclusively organic alfalfa. We never feed our cattle grain, soy, or by-product feedstuffs, and they are never sent to feedlots.






Salmon Safe Certified: The Scott River runs through our ranch—hence the name—and is a natural habitat for Salmon and many other fish species. The Salmon Safe certification monitors our conservation efforts to make sure that the fish habitat is maintained and improved overtime. The certification standards are available in PDF to download (they are quite extensive), and they encompass the following areas:

 In-stream habitat protection and restoration

 Water use management

 Riparian, wetland, and upland vegetation protection and restoration

 Erosion prevention and sediment control

 Nutrient management

 Animal management


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