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One of the main reasons that we chose to live on a ranch was family. Well, actually Gareth was the only one who really chose to live on the ranch. Millie was born into a fourth generation California farm family and wanted to leave ranching but boomeranged back. In fact, she swore she would never marry a rancher but life has a way of getting the last laugh.

The Scott River Ranch borders on Millie’s family ranch where her parents, Keith and Harrie Whipple, live. Gareth’s mother Nancy also lives on the ranch across the street and keeps coaxing all the animals over with biscuits for the dogs and treats for the chickens.

Between them, Gareth and Millie have five children, Amanda, Ian, Alexis, Hillary, and Emilie. In the past few years, new members have joined the ranch family. Amanda married Josh Schmalenberger on the ranch in 2012 and they have two children, Liam and Greta. Hillary got married on the ranch this last March, and so we would like to welcome Joey Gentry to the family as well.

The canine members of the family are Suki and our German puppy thugs Axel, Annika and Maximus.  The cats include Jelly and Tuxedo Joe. Add to this mixture all the chickens, horses, and cattle, and it stays very lively around here, not to mention noisy at times!

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